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Caseificio Sociale Valsabbino

Who we are
The cooperative “Caseificio Sociale Valsabbino” (Association of dairy producers from Val Sabbia) was founded in 1982 thanks to a group of farmers. It is the natural evolution of a group that had been operating for several years, and aims at keeping the dairy tradition in Val Sabbia alive. It has become a reference point for all the local producers in a few years, mostly and especially for all the farmers that have wanted to keep their production businesses on the mountain.
At present, the members of the cooperative are 115, 15 of which are contributors (Brescia province, the mountain community of Val Sabbia and the 13 commons of the valley). There are 25 local representatives, located in 11 commons in the valley. They have allowed the Caseificio to gather around 27,000 quintals of milk in 2007, while in 2008 the quantity of gathered milk should reach more or less 33,000 quintals. The productive processes, for which only and exclusively milk from the cooperative is used, follow in every way the famous dairy tradition of the area, that has specific characteristics. Such characteristics include the small dimensions of the farms, and the decided prevalence of cows from the so called “razza bruna” (“brown” breed). This allows for cheeses that are unique in their organic properties and taste to be produced.
In order to always operate at the top of an extremely competitive market, the Caseificio Sociale Valsabbino has always strongly promoted research and innovation. The latest outcome of said research has been the adoption of a process of complete milk refrigeration right at the cowshed. Many positive achievements and quality certification marks have made the Caseificio a benchmark for the dairy industry.

Where we are
Località Mondalino
25070 Sabbio Chiese (Brescia)

Contact numbers
Phone: 0365 895700
fax: 0365 890599

Company outlet
Località Mondalino a Sabbio Chiese.
Opening hours:
Monday 8.30-12.00
Tuesday to Saturday: 8.30-12.00/15.00-17.00

Local markets:
Tuesday in Serle
Wednesday in Gavardo
Friday in Vobarno
Saturday in Salò


Via Mulino Vecchio, 4
25087 Barbarano Salò (BS)
tel: 0365 21261
fax: 0365 20944
P.IVA/CF: 02356600987

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