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Garda classico rosso D.O.C.

A wine produced with traditional methods from Groppello, Barbera, Marzemino and Sangiovese grapes, grown in the vineyards of the Alto Garda Bresciano natural Park. The wine producer is Gaetarelli farm and winery (Azienda agricola Gaetarelli), located in Villa di Salo’. Garda Classico’s colour is a bright ruby red, and its scent is delicate, typical of the Groppello grapes. This wine has a fragrant, harmonic taste, with a slightly bitter note. It’s a wine for all meals, that matches up perfectly with cold cuts and low-fat meat as well. Best served at a temperature between 15 and 17 Celsius. Its alcoholic strength is 12% vol.

Garda Ross Doc



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