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Cooperativa Valle di Bagolino

The Bagolino valley cooperative is the one and only cooperative that produces Bagoss cheese.

Around 97% of current producers are members of it. The cooperative has invented a branding system that allows for the mark to be pressed cold directly on the whole form of cheese. The president of the cooperative is Mr Francesco Stagnoli, a Bagoss producer himself. He works with two vice-presidents who represent the town council of Bagolino and the Mountain community of Val Sabbia. They are Bagolino mayor Marco Scalvini and Mountain community committee chairman Santino Campagnoli.

Where we are
Via Parrocchia, 34
25072 Bagolino

What we produce

What we produce


Via Mulino Vecchio, 4
25087 Barbarano Salò (BS)
tel: 0365 21261
fax: 0365 20944
P.IVA/CF: 02356600987

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