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Formaggella Baby

The Formaggella baby is the youngest product of the Caseificio Sociale Valsabbino (Valsabbia Dairy Consortium) and it’s been studied to further satisfy consumer request. It has light weight and rather small dimensions (20 cm diameter and 600 grams of weight) that allow for easy preservation of the product at home. Obtained from whole cow milk, it has a semi-cooked dough and an average aging of about 20 days. Its consistence is soft and creamy, and it has a milky flavour, a delicate odour and white colour.

Product description

Cheese produced with whole milk from cows, with semi-cooked dough and average aging (about 20 days)


Pasteurised milk, rennet, salt and milk ferments


Diameter 20 cm


600 grams


Soft and creamy dough

Organic characteristics:

Flavour: milky sweet.
Odour: delicate
Colour: white

Nutrition facts:

Fats: 25.2%
Proteins: 22.5% .
Humidity: 47,4%
Ashes: 3.9% .
Carbohydrates: 1%
Calories: 1300 KJ / 100gr
313 KCAL / 100gr

Microbiological properties

C.B.T., Listeria monocytogenes, Coliformi, Sthapilococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Aflatossine:

Respecting limits imposed by law DPR 54/97


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