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The Bagolino City Council has historical documents that starting from the year 1500 describe the production of butter and cheese in the Caffaro valley.
After centuries, the quality and organic characteristics of Bagoss have remained the same: the fame of this cheese has crossed national borders, obtaining prestigious awards and becoming a powerful advertising means for the whole Caffaro Valley.
Skimming milk is the first process to obtain the Bagoss cheese. Skimmed milk is then poured into a boiler and warmed up on low heat. Rennet and a pinch of saffron are then added. Saffron is what gives the cheese’s dough the typical golden colour, exactly as the Venice Dodges wanted it back in time.

Once the first “cheese” is obtained, it is grinded, powdered and cooked at a temperature between 45 and 50 Celsius. The compact and cooked mass is then taken out of the heater with the help of a cloth, and then it is put in a form on a shelf. Subsequently, the cheese is pressed with hands first and the weight of a wooden plank then. That’s the moment when the cheese is branded. This mark distinguishes original Bagoss cheese from the fake one.
Marchio Bagoss

Ready to be salted, each form is stored in a basement to age. The salt is added in every two weeks for 40 days. But the process to the final product isn’t over. Each form is constantly cleaned from spurge, and ointed with linen oil as well as turned over multiple times until the aging process is over.


40/50 cm


diritto cm 10/12

15 - 18 kg

Brown/reddish (due to linen oil oxidation)


Yellow/golden, partially cooked


Yellow/golden, partially cooked


Yellow/golden, partially cooked




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