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The Territory

The Land between the Two Lakes is the territory that rises up from the coasts of Lake Garda to the mountainside of the Alto Garda Bresciano Natural Park, and then stretches to Alta Valle Sabbia. Nature, traditions and local products characterise an area that can be visited in direct contact with landscape and nature, always bearing in mind a deep respect for the environment.


There are numerous options for those who wish to spend a holiday in the quietness of the mountainside or the lake, rediscovering the ancient rhythm of quality life.
A familiar and hospitable environment welcomes tourists with different lodging options: bed & breakfast, small pensions, mountain chalets, room renters, hostels and holiday villas.


The traditional cuisine of the area offers a combination of different flavours, from the stronger and more savoury like “spiedo with polenta” (a traditional local meat dish) of the Val Sabbia mountainside, to the delicate and simple perch fish fillet of Lake Idro and coregone and pilchard fish of lake Garda.
The taste of these recipes is made unique by associating their traditional flavours to local products, envisaging among others: extra-virgin Garda olive oil, cheeses like Bagoss (that has specific certification of its origin and denomination) and Tombea Cheese (both of these cheeses are promoted by the slow-food Italian association, that promotes quality products and restaurants throughout the country). Also, the “formaggella di Tremosine” (another local type of cheese) and local cold cuts (like “dos” from Val Sabbia), as well as oranges, lemons, tangerines, mushrooms, truffles, marmelade and jams, and honey.

Nature and Sports

From the Mediterranean coastline of Lake Garda, with its lemon and olive trees, we move up to the Natural Park of Alto Garda Bresciano - very rich in vegetal and animal biodiversity - and then reach Alta Valle Sabbia. There we can find exceptionally rare alpine plants as well as protected animal species like the royal eagle, bears, and lynx.
In this surprising environment, sports lovers who also respect nature can find equipped areas to go hiking, ride their mountain bikes, or go free climbing as well as skiing, surfing and sailing.


History has left its mark in every angle of this area. Visiting museums means getting to know over 20 different historic/cultural realities, going from the palaeolithic savannas to ancient trades, to events that left a mark in our history. The present evokes tradition even in the famous Carnival of Bagolino, with music, dances, and costumes that are unique in the world.

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There are two territories in Europe that are similar to the Land between the Two lakes, both for the beauty of their nature and for the rich tradition and local products. They are the Clyde Coast in Scotland and West Cork in Ireland. For your holidays in Europe, visit those two wonderful sites that have made quality for tourists their mission.


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